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Aeration fabric pot - grow bag - 30 gallon

Aeration fabric pot - grow bag - 30 gallon

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The 30 gallon size is what we use for all of our trees. Also have used for root crops.

  • Allows roots to breathe and grow healthier all day and everyday.
  • Ultimately boosts plant growth and yields like never before.
  • Greatly decreased the risk of any transplant shock.
  • Helps create an improved overall root structure for a long lasting life.
  • Prevents roots from circling to its death aka root bound.
  • Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Never worry about drowning your plant. Just remember to water it.
  • BPA-Free. Made with high quality new raw material (No harmful recycling material).
  • Ideal for growing a nice bushy plant or a nice looking tree for yourself or your love ones. Great for tomatoes and potatoes and all kinds of edible vegetables!
  • Pot Dimension : Round diameter x high

Aeration Fabric Pots are ideal for growing edible vegetables and plants. Combined with the ease of a traditional nursery pot with the added benefit of an aeration container, Aeration Fabric Pots are a great choice for growing everything and anything you ever wanted to grow.

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